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The Readiness Supportive Leadership Training (RESULT) is based on existing evidence-based supportive leadership training and is part of the Gaining Resilience in Training (GRIT) initiative focused on training leaders to enhance their Soldiers' readiness and resilience. 


Current military resilience training is focused on individual Soldier improvement, but does not necessarily train leaders how to support resilience among their subordinates.


This training was developed based on existing evidence-based military and civilian leadership training. The ultimate aim is to train Platoon Leadership Teams in supportive mentorship, leading to improved readiness, resilience, health and well-being of subordinates, as well as enhancing a positive culture of trust within units.


While the initial training is being conducted and evaluated with a U.S. Army population, the end training product will be translated and applicable for all branches and first-responders, enhancing resilience in the face of stressful and hazardous workplace situations in myriad of contexts.

Helping leaders enhance the readiness and resilience of their Soldiers.

Researchers from Oregon Health & Science University, Portland State University, and the University of Ottawa bring expertise in worker health, organizational psychology, and workplace intervention research. The team has collaborated with Army leaders, behavioral health specialists, chaplains, and Soldiers to create this training. It is designed to positively contribute to the military by enhancing service member readiness and unit autonomy, and improving mental and physical health. 

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